Meet Meghann

I thrive in natural light situations where emphasis is on emotion and feeling. However, I can light up the darkest of nights and/or the brownest of barns. I prefer a couple not afraid to be intimate in front of the camera, and I will lightly pose to help us get there.

While I love the classic image of a bride and groom smiling at the camera in good, clean bright light, I’m not afraid to play around a little more to get down to the more emotional image.  I tell all my clients that your natural self and interactions are the best in front of the camera, but if you’re afraid or worried about posing…don’t be…that’s why you have me!

Meghann has been photographing professionally since 2004 following graduation from the top of her class. In addition to her wedding portfolio, she regularly accepts jobs for architects, interior designers, and builders. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Saint Michael's College and continues her photography education through accredited workshops throughout the year.